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School branding

Signs and branding for primary schools, secondary schools and colleges

In an ever changing education system, the need to project a clear, contemporary brand for your school or college has never been more relevant.

Parents and students alike will be keen to investigate the identity, history and structure of a school or college before making the all important decision on where to call ‘home’ for their journey through education.

Projecting a clear vision of the size of your school or college, when you were established, who’s who and how you approach education are all important factors in a parent’s choice of establishment.

This is where we can help. If you need some professional assistance, advice or support in this key area then call our friendly team of account manager's today.

We have lots of experience and proof of sale to share as well as showcase our ability to support your school or college at a number of different levels.

We can help with things like:

- A full corporate redesign of your school or college identity including logos, website, signage etc.

- A new prospectus of information pack for next year’s student intake.

- A new sign programme including interior and exterior way finding and signature main entrance signs.

- A makeover of your existing school exterior.

- A makeover of your existing classroom walls – including lesson specific skins to increase pupil awareness.

- A makeover of key areas within your school or college – such as receptions, main assembly halls, sports halls, canteens and staff rooms.

Most projects are usually completed with a matter of weeks from beginning to end.

Whatever you need, our friendly team of specialists can usually help.

What’s more, we can tailor a package of works and costs to meet your specific needs.

Call us FREE today on 0800 389 9898 for an informal discussion or to arrange a meeting to discuss your ideas in more depth.

School and college sign and branding projects are always unique and are priced accordingly. However, we can usually offer headline ideas on costs within a number of hours from receiving your initial enquiry.

We received a request from Kingsway School in Cheshire in summer 2014 asking for help in revitalising a well worn and somewhat tired looking front of house on the Foxland Campus building. Our design team completed the necessary survey and produced a range of schemes using new printed dibond fascias. The result is truly stunning, transforming the old fascia into a striking contemporary, modern design. See the pictures above for a before and after shot and judge for yourself.

Specifications for school and college sign and branding projects differ from one project to another. Call us today on 0800 389 9898 to discuss your specific requirements.

Most school and college sign and branding projects are completed within a matter of weeks from receiving your initial enquiry.

School branding

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