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Exhibition Stand Design

The Image Group offer support from start to finish to ensure your Custom Built Exhibition Stand Ideas are just right. From initial designs and ideas presented as 3D renders and visuals for your amendments and approval, right through to build, transportation and installation of your Exhibition Stand and subsequent uninstallation.

We're a specialist supplier of Exhibition Stands and have nearly two decades of experience. Our Exhibition Stand Designs and displays are cost-effective, affordable and cutting edge, and with our specialist 3D design renders you get peace of mind knowing what your finished stand will look like before our exhibition stand construction process begins.

Capturing imaginations with creative exhibition stand design

3D Exhibition Stand Design
3D Exhibition Stand Design

Huge leaps in technology mean we can now recreate, remodel or design virtually any Exhibition Stand Design idea, product, shape, building or person using the very latest 3 dimensional modelling software... You name it, we can render it. We can even produce 3D animation fly-throughs to give you even more of a real feel of the finished product.

There’s still no substitute in life for a sight that makes you stop, do a double-take, makes you think and stirs your soul. Thanks to the growth of the internet and social media, businesses are now able to reach out to their customers in almost limitless creative ways. The internet, though, can’t do everything for you - especially in a commercial sense. This is where exhibiting with a customised exhibition stand fits in.

Example 3D Exhibition Design Render
Example 3D Exhibition Design Render

We can take an original paper brief (or even an idea on a napkin!) for your Exhibition Stand Design and deliver a finished render in a matter of days for you to consider, amend or approve. The perfect design of your stand for exhibitions and other events are crucial when you and your team are out in public to attract new customers, or B2B events where you’re selling your business and its strengths to other companies beyond your sector.

Creative exhibition stand design is one of the best ways to make your first impression really count with potential prospects. An exhibition stand design that not only makes your business stand out but draws prospects in is well worth the investment, and can also be an impressive visual marketing tool in itself.

A creative exhibition stand design can be as big or as small as you need it to be. It can be open and inviting, include furniture for people to make themselves at home, and other features to display and advertise your promotional materials.

Creative exhibition stand design and build from Image Group

We have a team of experienced Exhibition Stand Design Specialists who are on hand to help with Exhibition Stand Design Ideas. Call us today for a no obligation chat and to see our many examples of our previous work.

What’s more we’ll work with you to make sure that your exhibition stand design is able to convey the message of your company, what it does and what it stands for almost instantaneously.

A good exhibition stand design will also be complemented by other creative and strategic additions such as podiums and walling, and an idea of how people interact with your employees and the stand to fulfil its full potential.

Exhibition stands are fantastic advertising tools for companies that like to go on the road and show potential customers what they can do. Advertising at exhibitions can often prove fruitful, especially for businesses that take time to invest in a creative stand that sets them apart from their competitors.

Exhibition stand design continues to evolve with new advances in technology helping to create stands that defy belief. But the best exhibition stand design isn’t the flashiest or the one with the best offers; the best stands are the ones that stick in people’s minds and make them think. As we said, we have lots of experience in Exhibition stand design and our expertise help you decide:

  • Where to place your reception counters
  • Where to place the entrances to your stand
  • Where to place your hospitality area(s)
  • Where to place your lighting
  • Where to place your literature stands
  • Where to place your graphic displays
  • Where to place your product displays

Good exhibition stand design will incorporate a number of elements and ideas to get brands’ messages across as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Quite simply... our 3D Exhibition Stand Design is a cost effective way to measure your thoughts and ideas before committing to your investment in an exhibition programme.

There are also a lot of other factors to consider when designing an exhibition stand including lighting, placements of literature stands, the shape and style of the entrance, and more.

Creating an exhibition stand that’s inviting, welcoming, and warm can be the difference between someone passing a stand or people taking the time to enter to find out more about the brand. Contact us at The Image Group to see how we can create an exhibition stand that works for you.

We also offer transportation, installation and uninstallation services for your exhibition stands at Image Group. For those that aren’t sure what stand would work for them, not to worry; we’ve been supplying exhibition stands across the UK to businesses across different sectors for years and can help you find and create the perfect stand for your business.

More about our facility, service and investment in Exhibition Stands Design and Build

  • We're based in Manchester and we have a purpose-built 70,000 sq. ft factory and workshop.
  • Our sales team are on hand for discussing your requirements and giving you advice with no obligation
  • Our dedicated design team are experts in the latest 3d modelling techniques and design trends for exhibiting.
  • Over the years, we've invested over £1M in state of the art print and fabrication technologies to supply Exhibition Stands. High quality precision table saws, large format digital routing as well as experienced transport and installations using our own qualified teams.
  • We’re flexible and responsive and enjoy the challenge of tight deadlines. Call us today to discuss your project timeline.
  • Our in-house skilled joinery team are the best in their field creating amazing exhibitions and display solutions tailored to your needs. They'll construct, paint, spray and attach printed vinyls your stand as needed, with amazing lighting, storage, cable management, audio and visual requirements also catered for.
  • Our IT team can even help with customised presentations or even bespoke software solutions.
  • We work at all the major exhibition venues across the UK and can even work outside the UK. - The Big Book

Take for example a recent event organised by web photo specialists -

When Photobox decided to produce their first ever photography exhibition they turned to The Image Group for help. Their concept was a massive challenge in anyone's book. No pun intended.

The competition entitled ’80 Days around the World’ involved the unveiling of one of the largest photobooks in the world at the Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London. Measuring a colossal 20ft x near 14ft the "Bookzilla" was packed full of 80 awe inspiring images taken from all over the world and submitted to Photobox through their site.

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