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Pop Up Event Bars


Pop Up Event Bars

Introducing our new pop up event bar, ideal for festivals, fairs and other outdoor and indoor events. Made from an interlocking metal frame, the pop up event bar comes in a handy carry case and can be setup and ready to use in minutes.

This is a versatile option for any indoor or outdoor occasion, and the latest addition to our shelter range.

Our pop event bars can be used for serving drinks and food but they also find use as customer service areas, information kiosks and promotional giveaways amongst other things.

Each bar has enough room for 3-4 people at any one time with ample space underneath the bar for storage.

The high quality water repellent domed top and sides can be printed with your own vibrant designs with either digital and screen printed options.


The simple design of the pop up event bar allows for a quick and hassle free setup enabling you to be up and running in a matter of minutes. In as little as 6 steps, you can have your event bar set up and ready to go.

Step 1

Take the aluminium frame out of its carry case and pull it up and around taking care to snap and hook the supports into place.

Step 2

Hook the outer graphics onto the frame all the way round using the bespoke eyelet hooks to create a tensioned outer skin.

Step 3

Slot the bar surface onto the top of the frame to complete the lower structure.

Step 4

Place the threaded roof section into the roof fabric and secure using the thumb screw.

Step 5

Place the roof supports in the top disc and spread the graphics flat over the rods.

Step 6

Finally, lift the rods and slot each one into the bar bracket mounts and tension the roof graphic using the eyelets, hooks and velcro tabs on the underside.

To see the installation process take a look at this short video


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