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Motion video

Computer generated motion video is spectacular way of bringing your product concepts to life and connecting with your target audience.

Using a combination of 3D rendering, motion rendering, still photography and green screen technology we can provide motion video solutions to rival the best in the industry.

Check out our latest motion video produced for global flight giant and leading package holiday provider Thomson.

#flyingfuture is a new and exciting concept that raises the bar in the long haul flight sector and includes amazing customer focused initiatives on the new fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliner’s.

The concept brings new innovations to long holiday flight including ‘Duo Seating’ for couples, dedicated ‘Seating Booths’ for families or groups, trained crew to host “‘Kids Clubs’ and an 'IPAD Enabled Crew’. The concept even includes a dedicated ‘Holidaymaker’ which is a member of crew that can help organise your holiday itinerary before you arrive.

Our task was to bring these concepts to the customer using a combination of motion video and graphics to illustrate the features.

Important elements of the brief included:

A beach snack bar in the galley of the plane where customers can help themselves to drinks and healthy snacks on a long haul flight.

Couples seat – on a row of three seats, the chair in the middle would be able to fold down into a table to create a nice space for couples and the arms of the chair pull up to create a comfier space for couples to travel.

Nanny services – a nanny on board flights to help look after and entertain kids whilst in flight.

A family of holidaymakers to include mum, dad and contented, happy children.

All these items needed to be put together in a computer generated film beginning on the outside of the plane, flying in through a window or door and on into the cabin. Our team of designers and account managers assembled a cast of actors and shot some of the footage against green screens to cut into the finished video. Specialist computer generated renders enabled us to recreate interior aspects of the actual plane to give a completely life like effect on the finished footage. The film was accompanied by graphic stills to explain the finer detail as well as an ambient music soundtrack.

The results of the finished film are simply stunning and can be seen by clicking here:

Motion video projects are bespoke by nature so each video is priced on an individual basis. We can usually offer headline costs after an initial outline brief - typically within 3 - 4 hours from receipt of your enquiry.

We can drop in actors and actresses into your motion video through specialist green screen technology?

Motion videos are usually between 2 to 10 minutes long and can easily be uploaded to You Tube for maximum exposure.

Motion video projects can usually be delivered within a matter of weeks depending on the availability of resource etc. Call us today on 0800 389 9898 for an informal discussion on your specific requirements.

Motion video

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