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Gazebo Printing


Gazebo Printing

If your brand is one that likes to attract a younger crowd and exhibits regularly at festivals and similar events, or if you sell sporty products and services and like to show up at fun runs and marathons, gazebo printing will help get you noticed and attract the right people to your stall.

Gazebo printing is the perfect way to complement your products and services, and get your brand and its mission statement across to a wider audience at crowded gatherings.

In short, gazebo printing consists of creating a bespoke cover to fit around your gazebo to set yourself apart from the competition.

Why just have a plain gazebo and hope that people walk past and try you out? With the right gazebo printing specialist, you can have a customised gazebo cover that includes your brand and colours, products, services and calls-to-action.

That latter point especially is key. A good gazebo printing won’t just focus on making your stall look nice. It will work to better advertise other channels that your brand is active on, and encourage potential customers to act on that information and get in touch with you.

Your logo may look nice, but gazebo printing can help you generate more leads and potential sales with the right strategy. Someone may walk past and see your logo, then forget about you.

Pointing them to a web address or social media page via your gazebo, though, can stick in the memory and encourage them to find out more about you without visiting the gazebo.

If you’re looking to attract more footfall with the specific intent to try a product or talk to people, then again, the right calls to action can be incredibly helpful. Why not explicitly state your intentions on the top or side of your gazebo with ‘FREE SAMPLES’ in large lettering?

Part of that outdoor strategy can also be incorporated to include other marketing materials to help catch attention and attract footfall. Gazebos can be perfectly complemented by banners and flags, for instance, and can help turn a simple gazebo into an outdoor marketing powerhouse.

The right creative specialist will work to make your gazebo visible, whatever the weather. Gazebos can be created in all sorts of materials, and a specialist will help you find the right one depending on what you’re hoping to achieve and where you’re looking to exhibit.

If the forecast is for rain, or where you’re looking to advertise is particularly windy, you can have a weatherproofed gazebo printed that can withstand the elements, protect your team, and look as good as when it was first printed.

The Image Group has worked with brands of every shape and size for nearly two decades, providing them with bespoke gazebos and covers for their budget, designed to help them attract footfall and generate more leads.

Our friendly, creative gazebo specialists are always on hand to discuss a project with you, whatever the size, scale and budget. Find out more by calling our friendly team today on 0800 389 9898, or sending us a message through our contact page.


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