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Our Promotion Categories

Print Promotion

Print Promotion

Every business, large or small, relies on printed business cards, stationary, leaflets, flyers and glossy brochures to promote their business. With our new online store we’ve made it easier than ever to order your next printed promotional masterpiece from the comfort of your own chair.

Print Promotion
Promotion For Floors

Promotion For Floors

Floor space is often forgotten about but is a great area for promotion. Why not use a custom printed carpet or carpet tiles to give an area a really stunning impact?

Promotion For Floors
Promotion For Spaces

Promotion For Spaces

Our promotion for spaces category contains products designed to give your business a stunning presence in any location. If you're a retailer we have great in-store solutions such as Cardboard engineering or In-store promo stands.

Promotion For Spaces

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More Information About Promotion

Any business that wants to spread word of its message will have invested in promotional material at some point. Promotional signage is one of the most affordable ways of letting people know you exist, no matter what industry you operate in.

The way you promote your brand can have a serious impact on your sales and how people perceive your brand.

Promotional printing and promotional signs are a fantastic way to catch the attention of people in your shop, passers-by, as leaflets for marketing campaigns, and much more besides. Creative marketing with promotional signage can also work as an effective point-of-sale solution in retail settings.

Promotional printing work and signage can not only help improve the quality of the leads coming into your business, but can also be used to reach out to potential prospects in clever, creative ways.

Promotional signs used as part of an overall creative strategy can help raise a company’s profile, especially on a local level. Promotional printing can be used anywhere, from the walls in your office, at your exhibition stand, on the floor, as part of a banner advertisement, and other creative applications.

Advertising in open spaces, at festivals, trade events and so many other scenarios can be a fantastic way to encourage people to explore who you are and what you offer, and there are so many imaginative ways to do it, too.

Promotional printed services combined with calls-to-action such as offers, discounts, and more are an impressive way to attract new customers and – most importantly – get the message across to potential clients and partners what you do and how you can help improve people’s lives.

Print promotion is a tried-and-trusted way of advertising through business cards, leaflets, flyers and much more. Posters in your window and around the area, too, can help draw footfall to your store and alert them to discounts and offers online as part of your wider sales strategy.

Contact The Image Group today to find out more about how our printing services can help advertise your business.

For those brands with a larger space who want to go all out creatively, entire walls and windows can be covered with promotional materials including PVC banners and hoardings to help you get your message across.

Promotions for spaces and floors are perfect for everything in-between. Floor stickers shaped in an imaginative way can help give a strong visual impact, while promotional stands and POS solutions are a great way to increase interest in certain products and services in-store.