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Architectural Building Screens

Architectural building screens or building wraps are a perfect way to hide renovations or unsightly works whilst repairs are being carried out.

Using state of the art 3 dimensional rendering software we are able to model an exact replica of your building façade. We can even design, print and install a building banner with an entirely new façade to disguise an unsightly, aged building.

Using original photos and dimensions we are able to construct an artists rendering of an original façade to keep your building or development site looking good as well as protecting the general public from maintenance work being undertaken.

This state of the art technology also allows us to view the schemes from different angles and perspectives.

All our Architectural Building Wraps are printed on to high quality 320gsm Mesh PVC. A roll to roll material that is manufactured with safety and impact in mind. It is ideal for large format outdoor advertising, building wraps, billboards, banners and scaffolding wraps

We can usually provide headline pricing details for survey, rendering, production and installation within 30 minutes of your original enquiry.

Surveys can usually be organised and completed within a matter of days.

Call us on 0800 389 9898 today for more details.

Crossrail is a railway, 118 km (73 mi) in length, under construction in central London. The central operational office is located off Bond Street and is housed in a three storey portakabin building. The office will be in place for five years during the project build. We successfully covered this portable building in a faux architectural screen to give the impression of a permanent building in keeping with the surroundings. This is a great example of how this technology can be employed to such good effect.

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320gsm Mesh PVC is a roll to roll material that is manufactured with safety and impact in mind.

It is ideal for large format architectural screens, outdoor advertising, building wraps and giant mesh banners. With an open weave integrated into the material, Mesh PVC has outstanding tear strength and allows wind to pass through the actual banner display decreasing stress resistance. With light transmission kept to a minimum Mesh PVC allows designers the flexibility to create enormous displays on a huge scale which are ideal for public spaces.

Our ultra-strong and flame retardant Building Wraps are printed using solvent UV inks for photo-realistic quality and long-lasting outdoor colour performance. Meticulous attention to Building Banner finishing ensures that seams, back straps (dragon tails) and eyelets are reinforced to the highest standards.

We can usually supply Architectural Screens and Building Wraps in a matter of days from receiving your approved artwork and official order. We usually advise an accurate survey of your proposed site for health and safety reasons. We’re very happy to help with your questions regarding planning issues, temporary road closures and risk assessment.

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Architectural Building Screens

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