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Printed Acrylic Graphics


Acrylic Graphics

Did you know that acrylic prints are available in just 48 hours from receipt of your approved artwork and that the Image Group have been producing acrylic graphics for a wide range of customers for well over a decade across the UK.

Printing on acrylic is a specialist process and usually involves what’s called sub surface printing. Basically, this means that when we’re producing acrylic signs or acrylic graphics, we print directly to the underside of this clear material before backing up in white. This is why acrylic prints offer a really high quality, prestigious finish to exhibition and display graphics.

If you need quick prices, look no further. We offer a rapid turnaround on quotes for printing on acrylic. Acrylic signs and acrylic graphics are ideally suited for exhibition stands, museum displays, internal and external signage, corporate art, reception displays and retail environments.

That’s because printing on acrylic produces beautifully rich photo-realistic images, giving you durable displays that are guaranteed to make a big impression. And are guaranteed to last.

Sub surface acrylic prints are equally ideal for abrasive environments ensuring your acrylic signs continue to look good and perform well even under exacting conditions.

When it comes to creating commercial messages both within and outside a company, whether for advertising purposes or when brands decide to visit an exhibition, there’s little more eye-catching than a printed acrylic display that perfectly captures what your business is all about and advertises it in incredibly creative and unique ways.

Printed acrylic is one of our favourite materials to work with. It helps us to produce commercial designs of the absolute highest quality and also helps us to realise our clients’ creative vision with one of the best design materials around.

Not only can the acrylic process help to create beautiful, high-quality and photo-rich designs, but the scratchproof and shatterproof nature of printed acrylic makes it a commercial investment that holds its value for years. That can be especially useful for companies that are consistently on the road and like to exhibit a lot; get the design and messaging right and any business can invest in an acrylic design solution that will be key to attracting attention for years to come.

Printed acrylic design solutions can also have an enormous impact within the office. For visitors especially; when complemented with wall graphics and more, acrylic design choices can go a long way to conveying your message to visitors, the company’s mission statement, its achievements and its goals. Acrylic on the walls can be an incredible way to host portfolio items, for instance, and other awards.

Acrylic designs, when commissioned with the right provider, could also go a long way to improving a company’s culture. Why not include designs with some of your staff’s personal achievements or create stunning visual designs related to the identity of each department? The Image Group will work with you enhance your brand’s identity both within the office and beyond with incredible creative acrylic graphics.


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