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Custom Printed Picture & Photo Roller Blinds


Custom Printed Roller Blinds

Image Group Roller Blinds are made to measure and offer privacy, while still allowing some light into your room. They are perfect for domestic or commercial use. Elegant yet robust fabric can be raised or lowered to control the light. When closed it allows light to gently penetrate in to your environment whilst maintaining your privacy during the day or night. A Blackout version is available. Made using strong quality components and aluminium tubes. (Beware of inferior blinds using plastic or even compressed cardboard tubes).

If you are looking to purchase blinds for your office, home, or workplace, then why not get them custom made with your own design, photo or logo printed on them? Make your environment a reflection of your individuality.

These custom made roller blinds can fit any shape or size window up to 1.5 metres wide. Roller blinds can be produced with the graphic facing inwards (ideal for room interiors), or with the graphic facing outwards, which is the perfect way to display your company information when the business is closed for the night.

Custom Printed Domestic Roller Blinds

All our roller blinds are individually manufactured to your unique specification. We know that roller blinds can sometimes present a safety risk for children, who can - if left unattended become caught up in the blind’s chain. For this reason we provide safety accessories with all of our blinds as standard.

Get a good night sleep by choosing blackout blinds, the perfect choice for bedrooms, they eliminate the light from outside coming in and disturbing your slumber. They are also ideal for nurserys, reducing the chance of little ones getting up at dawn and cutting out the sun in the summer evenings. Blackout blinds can also be used in the commercial world as they reduce glare on TV and computer screens.

Custom Printed Commercial Roller Blinds

Printed roller blinds for bar & restaurants:

restaurant 2
restaurant 2

Our commercial roller blinds can help you create the right ambiance for your guests and dinners.

Bar and restaurant roller blind requirements have been fulfilled by the Image Group, our fabrics are certified by IQNet. Our print technology utilises water based odourless inks which are durable and safe for use in food and drink environments.

In addition our blinds are manufactured to the child safety standards to ensure all your guests are safe and utilise flame retardant fabrics that meet the required legal specification for commercial premises DIN 4102 B1.

So whether you require a corporate non-standard colour to match your decoration, control of your lighting or simply a way to advertise / communicate information to your customers, The Image Group will have a solution for you. Call us now for free advice.

Printed roller blinds for schools and nurseries:


Create a nurturing safe environment within your school or nursery. Colour match your roller blind to class colours or use educational messages, we’ve even manufactured using children’s art work, ensuring a real sense of belonging and participation. The only limit is your or your imagination!

Nursery and school printed roller blinds offer the opportunity to smarten up environments with supporting fabric colours or indeed school crests, nursery names, departmental / form and class names.

Each roller blind can be made to measure to ensure the correct size, printed with your selected image and manufactured in accordance with all current child safety legislation. Our fabrics are also all flame retardant complying with the rigorous flame retardant DIN 4102 B1 certification required for public buildings. When producing a printed nursery or school logo blind we use non-solvent water based inks, ensuring an odourless, durable and safe product.

Printed roller blinds for Office and board rooms.


Printed board room roller blinds have proven to be very popular. They help to reinforce your identity and purpose as well as creating a comfortable private area for board members and important customers to shape your business.

Office roller blinds play an important part in controlling conditions within the working environment, they help to set light levels ensuring your staff are not blinded by low afternoon sun, and they can provide security / privacy on dark nights. This contributes to the wellbeing of your team, which in turn promotes productivity. In addition to supplying these benefits you can promote your brand to staff or even the passing world outside.

Corporate logo blinds can be created reproducing your brand and colours onto functional, durable commercial roller blinds, reflecting the professionalism of your business. First impressions count!

Printed roller blinds for Hotels:

Bedroom 3
Bedroom 3

Hotel roller blinds – The answer to a peace full night’s sleep.

At end of a long day travelling or sitting in meetings guests expect a peaceful night’s sleep. It is important to control light levels, especially in town centres where the constant glow of city lights is prevalent. Our blackout roller blinds are ideal for this environment, practical, durable and made to measure to cover all window sizes. They keep the room cool and dim even during summer.

Our custom printed blinds reinforce your brand to your guests or advertise your presence to the outside world, and colour matched roller blinds assist with interior design concepts. Our team are available to offer you the right solution for your needs.


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