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Portable Exhibition Walls


Portable Exhibition Walls

If you want to show your content to your audience in the best way possible at an exhibition, portable exhibition walls are one of the best ways to do it.

Portable exhibition walls are a great way to promote your brand and its content because of their versatility.

Working alongside a specialist, you can commission portable exhibition walls that can host single pieces of content, such as poster and artworks, or create portable exhibition walls with full coverage graphics.

A specialist will also help you to create a journey for the visitor and the viewer with your portable exhibition walls, placing them in a way that encourages them to move along a certain path, telling the full story as it’s meant to be told.

This is especially true for exhibitions such as art exhibits, council planning meetings, and any other gathering that’s public-facing and designed to inform and entertain footfall.

Portable exhibition walls are best used in large spaces, such as village halls, exhibition spaces and other settings. Again, the best walls will take up the majority of that space, but in such a way as to create a pathway for people to walk through to digest content at their leisure.

As an example, you could be presenting an exhibition centred around your brand and its journey to the present day. You could start the journey from the first portable wall, and have them snake around to the end, filling in the company’s history on the wall’s in between, ending the journey at the present day on the last wall.

Portable exhibition walls are a great way to tell a story – whether personal or professional – and get people invested in your brand, whether you’re looking to entertain them or convince them to partner with your company.

As amazing as portable walls are, though, and how they can effectively fill a space up to provide a journey, they need to be enhanced with content worthy of the story you wish to tell so that it grabs people and reels them in.

That’s why it’s so important to work with a creative specialist, to help you decide on the types of wall that will perfectly fill the space to how you wish it to be, and to tell the story clearly and creatively to get your message across to the right audience.

Walls can also be temporary or created with semi-permanence in mind; perfect for if you have a string of trade shows to attend and want to tell your story to new audiences at different locations.

Sturdy, reliable and of the highest quality, your walls can be created and delivered to you safely at each location, with on-site installation also available if you partner with the right people.

The Image Group has spent years helping to create and install bespoke portable walls for brands of all shapes and sizes, catering for any and every budget.

Our friendly, creative exhibition wall specialists are always on hand to discuss a project with you, whatever the size, scale and budget. Find out more by calling our friendly team today on 0800 389 9898, or sending us a message through our contact page.


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