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Fabframe Display System


Fabframe Display System

The Fabframe Display System is a cost effective, simple concept that is ideal for erecting fabric display walls for temporary exhibitions and is based on the popular Airframe Display System.

This Frame System for Fabric Graphics is designed specifically to fulfill the need for a portable framing system capable of carrying many kinds of full colour polyester panels and graphics.

These frames and walls are then dressed in lightweight polyester or textile graphic displays. A new channel profile has been designed specifically for easy fitting of tensioned fabric panels. A silicone or latex band sewn into the perimeter of the panel slots neatly into a multi-slot ‘comb’ on the tube.

External corners, T junctions and cross junctions are all neatly finished with a range of snap-in accessories.

The key components of T3 Fabframe System are an aluminium beam and a square plastic connector that join together with a brilliantly simple patented, twist-lock action. The Fabframe Fabric Graphic Display System addresses significant areas of high cost within the exhibition industry. Because the system is so easy and quick to construct, there is no requirement for expensive skilled labour. The simplicity of the system also means that the number of hours spent on design, preparation and installation are significantly reduced.

High transport and storage costs usually associated with building traditional fabric walls and display stands are also a thing of the past thanks to the Fabframe Display System. Even large structures and frameworks break down into compact packages thanks to the modular nature of the design.


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