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Office Graphics


Office Graphics

Office graphics are about so much more than making an office space look nice.

Office graphics have a deep, intricate relationship with your wider brand, and help express your company’s ideals and what it was created it do.

Your approach to your office graphics can also have an effect on the mood and productivity of your employees. An office with warm graphics and positive messages, for instance, could make employees happier than a blank, bland office with little inspiration.

And we aren’t just talking about nice, colourful pictures either. There potential with office graphics is limitless; there are so many different designs and materials that can be incorporated to help you create your dream office, if you work with the right creative partner.

For instance, you could create company-centric graphics that focus on your brand, its goals and the achievements of your staff.

If they agree, you could have team photos covering the walls of your office alongside inspirational quotes, or some of their own personal achievements. Why not create graphics that feature the team together at an awards ceremony or at a team bonding event?

You could create office graphics that include portfolio items that you’re especially proud of; awards the team has won; timelines showing the progression of the company, and much more besides.

If that isn’t a route you want to go down, then there are literally countless other options you could choose to brighten the office up with graphics, such as photographs that specifically use the company’s colour scheme, photos of your products and services in a positive light, inspirational quotes, and others.

You could also commission office graphics to differentiate the different departments around your business. If you’re a large retailer, for instance, your graphics could include some of the products you offer in certain areas – bottles of shampoo and bars of soap around the hygiene aisle, for instance.

If you choose to commission office graphics like that, too, then you’re also working on another level, to provide your customers and visitors with clear directions in the form of wayfinding signage.

Maybe you have a bit of creative flair, though. If that is the case, then there’s no reason not to add some fantastical elements into your office design.

Your marketing department could feature graphics featuring great campaigns for inspiration for instance, or your sales department could feature information such as the correct way to meet and greet customers on the phone.

Again, you’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to commissioning graphics for the office with the right creative partner.

The Image Group, for instance, is able to create sharp, clear, pristine graphics for the office on an enormous variety of materials including acrylic, vinyl, fabric, re-board, canvas, and many other materials.

We can also create graphics that illuminate in the evening, and can create humble graphics or graphics that cover entire walls.

Our friendly, creative design specialists are always on hand to discuss a project with you, whatever the size, scale and budget. Find out more by calling our friendly team today on 0800 389 9898, or sending us a message through our contact page.


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