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Link Banner System Guide

Setting up your Link Roller Banner

What is a Link Seamless Roller Banner?

The Link Roller Banner is an ingenious new roller banner system that is taking the exhibiting market by storm. But what's so special about it and how does it work?

Firstly, if you are familiar with how to setup a standard roller banner, you'll know that they are out of the bag and ready to use within seconds. The beauty of the Link Roller Banner is that the initial setup is no different from your standard pull up banner.

The really clever part of the system though is that you can simply join multiple Link Banners together seamlessly in virtually any size and shape to suit your needs.

Take a look at how easy it is to use Seamless Linking Roller Banners:

Banner setup

Insert pole A into the top of the base unit as shown and then twist 90° to lock into place. Next insert pole B and C into place to construct the support for your graphic.

Whilst steadying the base unit, pull the graphic upwards and carefully hook the graphic header onto the top of the bar.

You may wish to use the retractable feet and pitch adjustment for extra stability if your floor is uneven.

Link Diagram 1

Linking two stands together

If you are joining two stands together you will need to use the magnetic bars and pins provided.

Simply insert a pin into the top and the bottom of one of your stands leaving half of the pin showing as this will slot into the other stand when lined up.

Next remove the end caps from the ends of the base unit that are joining together. Make sure to store these safely away for future use. Move the banners together, making sure to line the pins up, and the unit should fit together snugly.

To ensure a seamless join run the 3 magnetic bars provided down the centre of the two stands to seal up the gap.

Link Diagram 2

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