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A quick and easy reference for some of most commonly asked questions covering artwork, hardware, print and more.

If you feel there is something we should be talking about or you have a question of your own please feel free to get in touch using the “Ask Us a Question” form below.

Ask us a question...

Whether you're a long time customer of ours or just looking for some advice, we're here to help so don't be afraid to ask!

  • Can I buy or order materials only?

    Sorry! Unfortunately we’re not materials supplier but we’d be happy to quote for your printed material needs.

  • Can I get a price online?

    As most of our work is bespoke around your requirements we cannot publish pricing on our website for most of our products. We're happy to provide a no-obligation quote for you so why not contact us with your requirements.

  • Can I see a visual of my exhibition stand design?

    Yes, we offer a 3D rendering service which can give you an accurate impression of your finished stand design before production commences.

  • Can you do my design work for me?

    Yes! Whether you just need some advice or a full design service, we can help. Have a look at our services section at our various design services available to you.

  • Do you have a minimum order value?

    No! No job is too big or too small.

  • Do you have an artwork template I can use?

    Yes, we have artwork templates available. Please speak to your account manager.

  • Do you have in house installation teams?

    Yes! We have northern and southern teams so cover all aspects of UK wide installation and de-rig.

  • Do you install nationwide?

    Yes! We have a northern and southern team.

  • How can I send my artwork to you?

    We can accept artwork via post on a CD, DVD or USB memory stick. You can also send your artwork utilising a file transfer service such as:

    File size permitting, you can also email your account manager with your artwork.

  • How much is your standard delivery?

    Our standard delivery is £20 for next day. We can also arrange a dedicated courier.

  • I have a logo from my website / Word document. Is it suitable for you to print from?

    Normally, any logo that is used on a website would be unsuitable to print at a reasonable size on a printer. We normally recommend supplying logos in a vector format such as an Adobe Illustrator file as we can scale these files up to any conceivable size without loss of quality.

    We do except other formats such as JPEGs and Photoshop files but they will need to have been created at a suitable resolution in order to achieve the best possible quality at full size.

    If in doubt, contact us for more information. You should also see our How-To article about resolution.

  • Is it possible to update the graphics on my Roller Banner hardware?

    All of our Roller Banners can be updated with new graphics. Bring in your hardware and we’ll install a new graphic at a fraction of the cost of buying a new one. Our Imagine Roller Banner also comes with a quick change cassette for multiple graphics that you can change yourself.

  • What do you do at the Image Group?

    Anything and everything! Primarily we're a large format digital printer, but we also create promotional displays, manufacture signage solutions (digital, print based or crafted from metal or wood), exhibition stands and provide logistics services.

    To quote our joinery manager Brian;

    "if we can't make it, it can't be done!"

  • What is your turnaround? How long will it take?

    Most products are available within 48 hours from receipt of your official order. Same day production is also available. Customized product lead times can be discussed with your account manager.

  • What kind of materials can I print on?

    We print on a variety of substrates, the suitability of each is dependent on your requirements. Check out our materials pages for more information or contact your account manager.

  • What times can I collect?

    You can collect any time between 09:00am and 17:30pm Monday-Friday.

  • Will you come and measure up or survey our site?

    Yes we can come and preform a site survey. If the job has been confirmed this is a free service otherwise there may be a charge involved. Speak to your account manager about our Survey Service.