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Self Adhesive Polycarbonate

Self adhesive Polycarbonate is a 125 micron film with a very strong adhesive and a tough polycarbonate composition making it an ideal material for long term floor graphic applications.

What are the basic qualities of Self Adhesive Polycarbonate?

Mactac Permaflex 6200 is a 125 micron, clear matt polycarbonate film with a grain textured lustre finish to eliminate some glare and provide a pleasing finish. 9 month warranty when used with JT5422, JT5122, JT5822/4 or JT5829 overlaminates.

Printing: We are able to print full colour images directly to the front of Self Adhesive Polycarbonate.

Finishing: We can cut or finish Self Adhesive Polycarbonate with regular straight edges or custom shapes at no extra cost.

Self Adhesive Polycarbonate is available in 1040mm and 1300 widths.

Ideal material for long term floor graphic applications.

All types of plastic are recyclable. To make sorting and thus recycling easier, the American Society of Plastics Industry developed a standard marking code to help consumers identify and sort the main types of plastic. Self Adhesive Polycarbonate is classified as a category 7 other recyclable material.

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