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Backlit Polyester

Printing to Backlit Polyester using state of the art photo quality machines and dye sublimation techniques opens a huge range of possibilities for point of sale, display marking, exhibition and signage applications. Always in stock and usually available in just 72 hours from receipt of your order.

What are the basic qualities of Backlit Polyester?

Backlit Polyester is a crease resistant material supplied with a special coating for light diffusion in lightboxes. It is water proof and does not fray. It also provides excellent flatness for high quality printing. Backliit polyester is fire retardant and is fire rated.

Dye Sublimation Printing: We are able to print full colour images directly to the front of Backlit Polyester.

Finishing: We can cut or finish Backlit Polyester with regular straight edges or custom shapes at no extra cost.

What does Dye Sublimation Printing mean?

High quality inkjet printing combined with traditional dye sublimation is the major technology used in our fabric and textile printing.

Sublimation is a process that uses heat to transfer dye onto a medium such as polyester fabrics or textiles. As most of our fabrics are polyester or polyester-mixed, our sublimation inkjet printing is an ideal technology for producing low volume, customised fabric, textile or soft signage items.

Polyester offers clear advantages such as handling, transport, installation, re-use and recycling.

130gsm and 280gsm Backlit Polyesters are available in roll format up to 1550mm wide.

Ideal application for light boxes, display frame systems, banners, inflatables and back projection displays.

Backlit Polyester is 100% recyclable.

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