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Your brand will hit new heights at trade shows with exhibition panels

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Exhibition panels are just one of the options available to brands when they choose to market themselves at a trade show.

We think exhibition panels are key to any event space, though; especially when complemented by other core exhibition peripherals such as booths, stands, desks, storage units, screens and many other accessories.

Key to making an impact at a trade event, too, are your representatives such as your sales staff, marketing team, and other meeters and greeters.

As anyone who attends trade shows knows, though, it can be extremely difficult to stand out amongst the competition, especially if you have a smaller space to work with.

It can be even harder if too much focus has been put on the brand visuals and housekeeping for the space you have to work with and not enough time has been spent on your pitch. What is your team saying to people, for instance? How are they collecting data, and is there a way to follow up interest?

When all of that is put together, it shows just how much work has to go into planning and managing your time effectively at events so you’re successful and aren’t just making up the numbers.

That’s why we’re such big fans of exhibition panels.

We’ve worked with them for so long in this area and have helped numerous companies over the years to maximise their sales potential at trade shows with creative content and imagery that helps tell engaging stories to attract footfall.

That’s because of one essential factor exhibition panels bring to anyone and everyone promoting their brand at trades shows: they create space within space.

We’ve touched on that point earlier here; space is a premium at trade events, and some may only be able to work within more compact arenas than they’d like or may be used to.

Exhibition panels to the rescue!

While you may be constricted by horizontal floor space, your panels give you much more to work with vertically. Each panel is a blank space; an eye-level canvas to tell the story of your business and why attendees should give your brand their valuable time.

That isn’t the end of the story, though; obviously it’s not a case of putting up as many panels as you can and watching the crowds roll up.

The most successful – and proven – approach is to create a flowing narrative that complements the panels, the design of the space, the team, and covers every eventuality. Everyone needs to be on the same page and every eventuality needs to be covered.

Alongside bold designs could go ‘book a meeting with a member of our sales team’, for instance, with a QR code to schedule a meeting at a later date if the booth is particularly busy, alongside other similar contact details and calls to action, or places to download brochures if you run out of physical copies.

By thinking of the event space, the content and the people within it in a narrative way with creative messaging on optimised panels, then your chances of success will surely increase.

Find out more about how to build a strong, flowing narrative for your brand at trade shows and events with exhibition panels by contacting the Image Group today to find out more.


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