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Wrap it up with PVC Banners

When advertising or promoting a message, the main focus is getting it noticed by as many people as possible. Banners, stands and signs all have a long history of being used for advertising purposes but why not go a step bigger and utilise other advertising spaces around you? Our mesh PVC banners are very large applications that are often known as building wraps.

Building wraps create a visual statement but installation processes may seem daunting. We are determined to ensuring the best quality service from planning and design to final installation. The banners themselves can be implemented using many different solutions. They can be constructed directly onto the building, on a temporary or permanent frame facility or onto a scaffolding system. The weight and pressure the banner places on the installation structure or on the building is reduced to a minimum. This is due to the PVC mesh used which allows air to flow alleviating the strain.

Our team is committed to helping advise and plan ideas for any banner requirement. Often, with the structures being so large, temporary road closures are necessary but we are happy to discuss all the options available. Every banner we supply is of the highest quality to ensure a strong, flame resistant building advertising tool that guarantee to be an impressive feature wherever they are utilised. Contact us for more information or view our website for our full range of products. We have something to suit any print, promotion, exhibition or display needs.

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Building Wraps Mesh PVC Banners


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