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Window Graphics, Colour Layout and Frugal Shop Decoration

Without wanting to just sound like another blog moaning about the recession, we are aware of less lenient fiscal constraints in all of the industries we provide services to. The nature of The Image Group means we're privy to a glimpse behind the veneer of a very broad spectrum of industry sectors and markets.

Many of our clients are in the retail business small businesses, conglomerates, store chains, pop up shops etc and our design team have noticed a fabulous trend borne from the recession minimalist shop layout that relies heavily on colour psychology.

Inherent human reactions to colour help our designers to craft a space that communicates with your clientele. For example, red = stop, green = go, pink = girls, blue = boys and so on. By tailoring your business environment to the emotions associated with particular colours tones, shades etc you can evoke feelings of excitement, calm, intimacy etc through something as simple as or canvas printing.

Think of the Apple store layout white, simple, everything labelled neatly, tailored marketing campaign additions like custom or large format printing. Fostering a brand image that's based on simple store layout with interchangeable schemes is one of our top frugal design tips!

Window graphics in particular can afford the scope for fabulous creativity that plays on light, window shape, highlighting an internal feature etc. Etched and frosted graphics are more costly than acrylics, so we recommend window vinyl as the more convenient, budget-friendly alternative. When used in conjunction with other forms of business advertising, these are very effective.

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Window Graphics


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