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Why you should use pop up stands at your next event?

Are you participating in any event which needs you to use some displays? Do you sometimes have problems transporting some of the displays that you use? Do you have problems erecting some of the displays at exhibitions?

Do you have to be at the venue of the exhibition days before the event so that you sort the displays? If you have answered yes to any one of these questions, then could be the answer. We have the solution to the problems you have when taking part in any of the exhibitions.

What are a ' features

are constructed from a lightweight and strong aluminum frame. In most cases they have a striking finish which makes the frame appealing to passers by – although this also depends on the graphics of course. The use of aluminum makes the frame light yet it is very strong as these are some of the characteristics of this versatile metal. are portable because of their light weight and their easy assembly and dismantling, and handy transit cases are specially designed to contain the parts for travel and to pack away into when not in use.

In terms of the design, the is made in a manner which makes it very easy to set up, from the frame to the panels within and any accessories you may want, such as lighting or literature stands and add-ons.

This makes it the best option if you want to set up quickly and easily with a small team for a striking, yet simple to use exhibition display.

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