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Why the future of display printing for marketing is now

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There’s an interesting future ahead if you follow the world of display printing for personal or commercial reasons.

Display printing is an art that continues to be refined and perfected as digital technology advances. A new printing process is being experimented with, for instance, that can print at over 1250,00 dots per inch or approximately 400 times the resolution of an iPhone 7 display.

To put that into context, that’s ultra-high-resolution images that are narrower than a human hair. At the same time, Epson has announced that it’s set to show off the brand new imaging technology that it’s been developing.

Not only is Epson trying to create hardware and software that provides clearer, more concise imagery than ever before, but it’s doing it to try and capture more of and benefit the overall commercial printing market.

It’s great news, and further sign of how smaller brands, multinationals and others can use powerful traditional advertising methods to reach out to more local and global customers with creative display printing that communicates a commanding message.

Over the last decade or so the message to advertisers has been that the internet is the way forward and the best place to spend their marketing budgets.

Not so, and while there’s some truth that digital spend is growing, more than half of consumers feel significantly more positive about traditional advertising than online formats.

Part of the reason is because of online burnout according to Kantar Media's DIMENSION report, with many advertisers underestimating the power of a POS or in-store display with a strong, targeted creative message.

No matter how good the technology may become, you can commission a powerful display advertisement.


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