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Why picture blinds could be your window to greater brand exposure

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You may not have heard, but the window blinds market continues to grow at pace with manufacturers working hard to introduce new technological advances to the humble blind. Wireless automated roller shades, for instance, are set to be exhibited at ISE 2018.

While companies work on delivering the next generation of blinds to both home and commercial spaces, window blinds can be creative in a variety of other ways. Did you know, for example, that there are window blinds out there that also act as speakers, as well as blinds that store energy throughout the day and give it back at night?

There are all sorts of blinds out there that use technology in unique ways to make people’s lives easier. Businesses across the worlds also use them in other creative ways to let potential customers know they exist and advertise their services too, while they’re at work and away from the building.

They do so with creative picture blinds that are specially designed to convey messages to people when they’re lowered. Picture blinds with the company’s logo, email address, contact details and much more besides can complement your premises and give passers-by more information about the specifics of your company.

Those in the restaurant business, for instance, will be creative with their picture blinds by featuring images of their dishes and overall menu while closed to help catch the eye of potential customers, while brands in other industries often use picture blinds to promote their logos, straplines and overall business philosophy to pique people’s interest.

Picture blinds can also be used within the workplace to enhance the company’s culture, improve morale and boost collaboration. They can be designed with the brand’s most impressive portfolio achievements to help pomote the ambitious and aspirational side of the business, while they can also be created featuring team photos, profiles and more to help the company feel more inclusive.

Better yet, picture blinds can be complemented with other creative design cues as part of a wider overall advertising strategy. Especially for businesses looking to generate local conversation; a brand moving into a building, for instance, could commission picture blinds with mysterious messages on them to help add some interest before they open their doors to the public.

When combined with graphic displays such as office graphics and more, picture blinds can go a long way to helping attract attention from potential customers on the street and improve a company’s culture from within


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