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Why it’s worth getting involved with vehicle wrapping

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Vehicle wrapping isn’t for the few.

It’s easy to see why you may feel priced out of vehicle wrapping. It seems that the majority of wrapped vehicles you see online are the pet projects of celebrities and influencers. Naturally, then, it must be an expensive, time-consuming hobby…

Justin Bieber and LeBron James are just some of the global names who take part in car wrapping, constantly coming up with more extravagant and creative designs to cover their supercars with.

Only, the opposite is true. Vehicle wrapping is fast becoming a way for younger people to express themselves creatively through their cars. It’s catching fire amongst the young, too, precisely because wrapping has an affordable entry point.

This is perhaps best summed up in an interview with car wrapping expert Paul Maleke for South Africa’s TimesLIVE website.

The entrepreneur is making waves across the region through car wrapping and helping South Africa’s youth express themselves in an affordable way.

“Many people viewed wrapping as a costly exercise that is exclusive to the elite. I saw an opportunity to make money catering to the lower end of the market,” he says.

“ fuelled by a new generation of young and highly connected drivers who are motivated by new age flamboyance reflected through social media portals such as Instagram,” he adds.

“It’s a form of character expression for them. Take the pink Mustang for instance. It was done for a client who was due to make her TV debut through a reality show and she needed her car to really ‘pop up’ on screen and match her personality.”

The same is true in the UK, where people wishing to get their car wrapped professionally can do so in an affordable way with an experienced partner.

Wrapping also carries a huge number of benefits in a commercial sense. Wrapping is far more affordable than a spray job and doesn’t damage the body of the car like a paint job.

Simply create a design, print it on weatherproofed vinyl and attach it to the car. When you want to remove it, it can be taken off with the body of the car kept in pristine condition.

Working with the right partner can also help you advertise your business with calls to action and clever branding. Wrapping is not only an affordable and creative way to express yourself through your car. It’s also a great way to promote your business in your local area.

Find out more about the amazing benefits of vehicle wrapping by speaking to an Image Group representative today!


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