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Why Hoarding Boards are about more than keeping the public safe

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Visit any city centre in the country and you can be more sure than not that there will be a new construction project somewhere surrounded by hoarding boards.

Hoarding boards aren’t just a way to keep the public and workers from harm. They’re an essential barrier, too, to separate the project from the pavement and keep documents and more safe and on-site.

Clever construction projects will also use their hoarding boards to display more information and generate interest amongst the passing public to add fuel to the best kind of advertising there is: word of mouth.

Something which Southend Football Club has recently found itself in the news for, with its specially-commissioned hoarding boards adorned with the club’s crest and logo fuelling local speculation that they may be building an impressive new stadium which fans say has been long overdue.

Get the overall creative right on the campaign and hoardings can be a powerful weapon in generating local interest and letting more people know about who you are and what you’re about.

For one of the world’s most affluent areas, a lot of London’s commercial districts still rely on the power of hoardings to get their message across to new audiences; none more so than Piccadilly Circus, with brands of all shapes and sizes investing heavily in hoardings over the years to grow their businesses.

On the other hand, hoardings are an incredibly visual and broad way to advertise, so you need to work with a company experienced in developing creative campaigns that resonate with markets; something which Go Vegan World has recently discovered.

Again though, there’s little point in having hoardings for the sake of them. Researching your local market and its current trends and interests is essential to commissioning a creative campaign that captures the imagination.


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