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Why display printing still leads the way and why you should invest in it

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Display printing is still one of the best ways for commercial enterprises to not only let people know they exist on the high street and relay information, but it’s also still an incredibly effective advertising tool that helps brands to raise awareness about their products, offers and more.

Take Boots for example. Campaign reported at the start of the new year that Boots is launching a year-long campaign called ‘Little Boost’ designed to help their customers make holistic health choices throughout 2018.

Boots has invested heavily in its digital presence over the years, and though a significant part of the campaign, also central will be display printing in the form of in-store ads, print adverts and much more besides to raise awareness of Little Boost and underline the benefits of its brand new wellness range.

At the same time display printing and advertising has also been used in a bold advertising campaign by global tobacco company Philip Morris International (PMI). The brand is essentially turning its back on its own product, and is using display printing and advertising across the UK to not only announce its intentions but also encourage others to give up cigarettes.

The advertisement has really caught the eye and won PMI numerous plaudits as they move into e-cigarette and heated tobacco territory, showing how creative display printing is in not only helping to raise brand awareness but also deliver marketing messages that really matter effectively.

To underline the point even further, at the end of 2017 AdWeek released a list of what it considered to be the most powerful, clever and creative print display advertisements that cropped up across the world in 2017.

Featured on the list are brands as large as Burger King, Toyota, McDonald’s and more; again showing just how important display printing and other forms of advertisements are to some of the world’s largest companies. Display printing and advertising, as shown in AdWeek’s examples, are able to impart incredible creative messages to wide audiences immediately in bold ways that digital methods simply cannot.

Whether you commission display printing for the front of your shop, images that hang within, POS displays, exhibition graphics, print advertisements and much more besides, display printing is still one of the best places to put your advertising budget to invest in creative ideas that will reach out to your core audience and beyond to let people know who you are and what you’re all about.


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