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What your font says about you

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There are quite literally thousands of fonts to choose from. There are people who are employed solely to come up with new ones to go in updated software packages of all kinds. Some fonts are common and instantly recognisable. Even if we cannot quite the name we know that we see it all the time. Other fonts are so specialised as to be almost unreadable and are rarely used. A good many are perfectly legible and quite attractive, just less well known and thus less common.

Choice of font can make or break banners and is that it can be easily read both up close and from a distance. If a font is too ornate or too stylised it won't do a good job. People may squint at your sign and take the time to figure out what it says, but they'll probably be annoyed if they have to do that.

- Second, is it appropriate for your business? There is a world of difference between the zany a sweet shop might use to attract kids and the solid, businesslike window graphics a solicitor should employ. All fonts set a mood and it's important that it matches the goods on offer.

- Third, does it match your logo? The company name is an important component of a graphical presence, whether it's included in the logo or not. Either way the usual business font must match harmoniously with the logo and other commonly used graphical elements like letterheads.


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