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What's the right banner material for my needs?

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The banner industry is an industry that has truly awoken to the materials and processes of the future, and therefore whatever your needs you can be guaranteed of quality and ease of use. However, such are the developments in terms of banners that it can be tricky working out exactly what banner material will suit your needs.

Some or polycarbonate, which make unique and high-quality banner materials for a variety of reasons. For example, both are completely transparent, which gives them a distinctly modern feel, andthey have an impact resistance around 200 times greater than glass, which makes them a fantastic alternative when a glassy look is desired. These materials are perfect for banners as it is easy print on them, and achieve a high-quality design aesthetic. Out of the two materials, than polycarbonate printing, but polycarbonate is more durable of the two materials (despite them both being ultra durable!).

Should durability be your utmost requirement, there are also a variety of banner materials that lend them self perfectly to outdoor usage; offering weather resistance coupled with high-quality. One such material is Mesh PVC which is unrivalled in terms of its durability and suitability for banner usage.

There are plenty of other materials available for all of you banner needs, and briefly include the following:

Paper – although not as durable as its alternatives, has the clear advantage in terms of its price.

Canvas – a fantastic material, ideal for interior hangings, where softness and elegance are desired.


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