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What is large format printing for

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Large format printing sounds like a technical term that you may not hear in everyday use, but all it basically means is something that can be printed both on a mass scale but also to a greater size than most standard printers, without a reduction in quality. This is certainly a specialist business as you will not find such printers in a normal office, but they are frequently used in the workplace. If you have ever seen a pop up shop or some large canvas prints in a promotion, then that is large format printing. Now that you know what it is, you could see if it could help your business.

You may not attend exhibitions or have pop up displays, but you can still find a use for such styles of printing. For example, a cardboard display stand could point the way for your employees to go to a training session. You could also use it as temporary signage when a part of your building is closed to the public and they need to be redirected elsewhere by a clear, visible sign.

When ordering a large format print, you really don't need that much specialist knowledge we'll take care of that for you. We can design the signs as well as print them, so it's all up to your creativity and your budget! Depending on the material, it can be as high quality or as economic as you like. The main thing is that you'll end up with a large design that is eye catching, reusable and creates a focus on where it matters in your business.


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