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What are Lightboxes for advertising?

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When any business marketing manager is looking to choose from a range of advertising tools options such as exhibition stands and banners, one of the most eye-catching choices can be the light box.

At The Image Group we have a selection of light boxes available in both single and double sided options. As a freestanding option we can help ensure that all exhibition spaces can be maximised to their full potential without the need for additional supplies such as ropes, pins and hanging attachments.

With the light up attributes of these banners, the print features can become much more clear and noticeable. Although single sided units can be eye catching, a double sided option can attract attention from all angles thus warranting additional interest.

Lightboxes can be a unique way to promote a business, organisation, product or service. Usually made from a thick acrylic material, these display banners have a fluorescent light inside to illuminate the display and light up these exhibition stands.

The opaque nature of the printed acrylic ensures that the internal light is not too harsh and enables the onlooker to read the information without being dazzled by the glare of the bulbs.

These units are generally available with an oversized base unit which guarantees a stability of the component and ensures that these products do not tip over and cause accidents. These are easy to assemble and quick to complete and as long as they can be located near to an electrical socket, these banners need little or no other precautions.


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