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What are cardboard display stands?

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There are some display stands which are used as to represent your company, or banner stands which are part of a portable display kit, but sometimes you don't want or need the expense of these kinds of displays for short promotions or in-store time-sensitive offers. If your retail outlet is having a sale then you can catch the attention of passers-by or people at the opposite end of the shop with eye-catching .

A great way to increase extra sales of small items is to set up by the tills or the till queue. We've all been tempted by confectionary in display stands by the supermarket queue. So easy to just add something to your pile of shopping – and these work in the same way. They can be positioned strategically in high traffic areas, or in areas where potential customers wait for a while, such as the till queue, by changing rooms or the entrance and exit of shops. If your graphics and offers are attractive enough – these can bring in a surprising amount of extra business.

With January sales looming and Spring sales soon to follow, you can get the jump on your competitors by effectively displaying any special offers in a way which is specifically designed to attract customers to the right areas of your shop or exhibition display. Suited to most indoor environments, are a great promotional tool.


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