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What are Building Wraps?

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For many businesses and organisations, marketing is an essential component of everyday business operations and activity. Carrying out these public relation type activities can take many forms including various types of advertising. Advertising in itself can also be carried out in a variety of forms including newsletters, posters and leaflets. One of the most eye-catching and radical methods of advertising is large format printing and, more specifically, the building wrap.

are enormous banners which can cover or be ‘wrapped' around the outside of buildings or outdoor venues such as sports grounds or concert venues. These banners can be used to cover an entire building or just a proportion of it but they are generally very large, have a huge impact and can often be seen from a great distance away. With building wraps, health and safety issues are paramount and it is essential that these banners are fixed to structures in a safe and secure manner in order to avoid serious accidents and injuries.

Here at The Image Group we can provide companies with a selection of building wraps with a variety of options for structural attachments. From direct to facade options to both temporary and permanent frame systems we can provide a choice of banners to suit any marketing needs and which can be attached to a selection of buildings.

These building wraps can be purchased in either mesh or PVC banners options and have a high quality and high resolution print which can withstand differing temperature changes and various weather conditions.


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