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Welcoming exhibition stands that footfall will love

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Exhibition stands are likely the first thing that footfall will see at a trade show or an event.

Your exhibition stands should be designed in a way that gets your key points across to potential leads as quickly and as creatively as possible.

What’s more, good exhibition stands should welcome footfall to your stands and booths, and be the starting point of a journey for them to explore and discover what it is that makes you different.

As the world begins to live with Coronavirus, trade shows and exhibition halls are opening their doors again to brands and buyers after the best part of two years out of commission.

So many brands have a lot to say; about how they’ve managed to evolve and grow their offerings since 2020 in the face of commercial adversity not seen across the UK for decades.

At the same time, though, that means that competition will also be high on the floor to attract footfall and generate the right leads.

This is where a creative approach to exhibition stands can be extremely helpful, and show event-goers exactly why your brand deserves some of their time.

Stands don’t have to be just pillars or table-type tops with your brand colours and logo on them. They can be interactive and experiential, and show people the creative side of your business.

For instance, you could incorporate tablets or similar touch-screen technology into your stands that footfall can interactive with.

That could provide them with software or product demos. Those brands that sell higher-value products and services could create interactive walkthroughs that show the best features of the product and how it’s made away from the show floor.

Your stands could also have QR codes on them that activate AR games or other interactive elements on people’s smartphones.

In a simpler way, those QR codes could encourage people to submit qualified lead data to download brochures or other advertising elements from the brand, instead of them having to carry leaflets and other materials around the floor with them all day.

Most importantly, your stands could provide story elements of your brand and how it got to where it is today.

Crucially, they could also highlight how the brand changed during the Coronavirus pandemic, and provide videos on the changes that have been made to the business that set you apart from the competition.

Find out more about the amazing lead generation benefits of creative exhibition stands by speaking to the Image Group today!


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