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Wayfinding signs help show your customers the way this Christmas

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You may have seen wayfinding signs yourself when you’re out and about shopping.

With Christmas just around the corner, we wouldn’t be surprised if you saw a lot more of them at department stores around the UK to add a little magic to the festive season. Stores like to put wayfinders around to direct people to Santa’s Grotto, toy departments and more to help build excitement.

Not just any old wayfinders, though. This season, expect to see creative Christmas-themed signage pointing people in the direction of Christmas offers and events. Not just in-store either; councils use them around this time of year to direct people around Christmas stalls set up in city centres and more.

Which is why wayfinding signs can be a popular option for retailers of any size. With the right creative vision and strategy, you can create exciting journeys for shoppers of all ages and give them something beyond the traditional, bland sign pointing them in specific directions.

As well as the creative element, wayfinding signs can also be incredibly useful in other capacities where a lot of people are on-site. A construction site for instance; you can help workers and visitors to find important areas such as first-aid stations, bathrooms and more with highly-visible wayfinders that point them in the right direction.

Anywhere there are open spaces, investing in creative wayfinding signs can not only provide something new and interesting to help you better engage with customers, but from a retail sense, they could also help to improve sales if used as part of a wider sales strategy.

You could use them to direct shoppers to specific POS items, for example, or more niche items that perhaps don’t get as much love as you’d like. Haven’t got much room to hang more signs and posters to point your shoppers in the right direction? Wayfinders can be the cure, and make use of the space available to you in inventive ways.

Beyond the festivities, wayfinders can visibly enhance the look of any business or commercial presence in fun, practical and unique ways. As part of a wider customer flow strategy though, or ways to direct people in and around your business premises, there are few better solutions than wayfinding signs.

The Image Group works with brands of all shapes and sizes to create incredible wayfinding and directional signs to enhance the visibility of a business. Contact our creative team today to find out more.


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