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Wayfinding signage doesn’t have to be boring

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Wayfinding signage is an extremely useful ally to have for brands occupying large spaces.

Brands in large department stores or brands in large malls can use wayfinding signage to help direct people to their store and let shoppers know they exist.

Wayfinding signage can be put anywhere – signage can be placed on the floor to point people in the direction of a certain department or brand, it could be placed on the wall like traditional signage, it could be placed around car parks to direct people to the store entrance, and more.

Some may think that that’s all wayfinding signage is, though – something to point people in a specific direction.

Directional signage is indeed super informative, but there’s absolutely no reason for it to be boring. Working with an experienced creative agency will also help you to create incredible directional signage that passers-by will love and give your brand more prominence.

Are you a retailer that works with entertainment products, or whose target audience is children, for instance? You could create directional signage in the form of floor stickers, for instance, shaped like monster feet or highlighting that they can find the latest movie releases at your shop.

Directional signage in the shape of feet is often popular around this time of year, too, with Christmas fast approaching. Have a grotto or seasonal offers in-store that you’d like to promote? Directional signage in the shape of Santa’s boots can come in handy to help you stick out.

There is a lot to consider when creating directional signage in a design sense. For instance, does your brand utilise certain fonts and colours as part of its wider identity? Incorporating these design cues into your directional signage can help with brand association, and goes beyond just having a normal, boring informative sign.

Signs can also be complemented with useful information, too, to better inform shoppers. If your sign is pointing to a parking area, for instance, why not include information such as pricing and how long cars can stay there so people aren’t caught out.

The same goes for retailers, too. Do you want to advertise to passers-by that your shop has extended its opening hours with Christmas shopping on the horizon? Including that information on your directional signage as well as some festive discounts and QR codes could help encourage them to give your brand a try over a competitor.

Find out more about the benefits of well-designed wayfinding signage by contacting the Image Group today!


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