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Want to improve your carbon footprint? Consider a cardboard display strategy

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A cardboard display strategy could be the best way for your business and wider brand to reduce its carbon footprint.

But what exactly is a cardboard display strategy? It’s designed to help businesses and brands wean themselves off plastics, especially in ways they may not have considered before.

For instance, in 2015 alone, oceanographers estimated there were between 15 trillion and 51 trillion microplastic particles floating in surface waters worldwide.

These have a serious effect on marine life and ourselves, with microplastics ending up in the food we eat. Outright bans on certain plastics seem to be on the cards, with the UK Government saying it’s considering a ban on oxo-degradable plastics.

To get to net zero faster though, small and large brands across the world are making conscious decisions to swap plastics out for other materials; materials that can be recycled, are friendlier on the environment and don’t impact the way they do business.

If you have a real look around your premises, you may see plastics in places you never realised before. Point of sale displays, for instance, are one of the worst offenders. How about your display stands and the materials you use to advertise your business?

Working with a creative partner experienced in actioning non-disruptive cardboard display strategies is a great way to work toward a cleaner, greener brand right now.

When we say cardboard, we don’t mean material that is easy to break or will make your shop floor look cluttered.

Cardboard display technology has evolved and continues to defy convention. Reboard is one such material that international brands are investing in to help give plastics a run for their money.

Reboard is a strong, solid material that can be used in a number of applications – to showcase products and to act as POS displays in commercial settings.

Reboard can also be a lot more flexible in a creative sense than plastics, too, depending on the situation. Reboard is great for creating sturdy tables, chairs and stands at exhibitions for them to sit on while they wait for a representative.

With a bit of imagination and creative flair, too, you can create large-scale interactive displays and stands out of reboard that are safe and can be recycled at your leisure afterward – far better for both your brand and the environment than plastics.

Find out how a cardboard display strategy can benefit you and your business by speaking to the Image Group today!


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