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Wall vinyls are an amazing way to show off your brand’s personality

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Want to show off the personality of your brand, or more strongly advertise the message of who you are and what you do? Wall vinyls are one of the best ways to do it.

Have you ever been somewhere and been struck by an amazing design on the wall? You’ve likely been looking at wall vinyls.

Wall vinyls are simply what they say they are – vinyl graphics and designs that can be put on any interior wall. You’re only limited by your imagination, and can commission vinyl designs featuring incredible artwork to inspire locals and help give a better impression of what your business is all about.

At the same time, you could commission wall vinyls that double up as offers and calls to action. Do you offer a sign-up bonus to a reward scheme, for instance, or have deals and offers that are only available exclusively on your website? Vinyls on your wall that promote those offers in attractive ways can be a great way to raise awareness and drive interest.

There are other amazing benefits to wall vinyls too that you may not have thought about. One of the reasons they’re so popular, especially amongst small business owners, is that they’re more affordable than a large-scale paint job, use advanced digital techniques and can be replaced easily.

Painting an offer on your wall through an artist, for instance, can be pricey and take time. If you’re renting premises, too, it’s hardly an ideal solution as you’ll likely have to have the area painted over again when your lease runs out.

The opposite can be true for wall vinyls. As soon as you’re happy with your creative design, it doesn’t take long to print off at all and apply to a wall, and can be peeled off again as soon as you want a change or need to move to another unit. Thanks to the printing process and advanced digital techniques, too, nothing looks better than a professional vinyl inside your business.

And it’s not just small businesses that can benefit, either. Again, you’re only limited by your imagination with vinyl prints for your walls, and larger brands can use them in warehouses, in stadiums, in public spaces and many more places practically to show your creative side and attract the interests of the people who matter to you most.

Find out more about adorning your walls with creative, visual vinyls by contacting the Image Group’s creative experts today!


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