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Wall vinyls are a creative way to inspire your employees

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Wall vinyls are an amazing way to relax an office environment, as well as inspire your employees and let them know they’re loved.

Wall vinyls are becoming ever more common. Instead of paying for an expensive paint job and having decorators disrupt the daily flow, vinyls are easy to put up and can be taken down without damaging walls and paintwork.

Their ease of use isn’t a compromise on quality, either. Wall vinyls can look a lot better than a paint job thanks to the digital way they’re created and printed.

They can be more affordable too; the advantages of a wall decal can far outweigh those of a paint job, which may have to be covered in the future if your business has to move premises.

So, how can wall decals be inspirational to your team? There are all sorts of creative ways that you can use vinyls, and you’re only limited by your imagination. Working with an experienced design team, too, will help you realise your vision more efficiently.

You can create vinyls that fix to the wall that show your company’s achievements and its successes across its wider portfolio. You can create vinyls with images of awards, staff members, and even blow up images from team nights out and other fun get togethers.

There are other ways to be creative, too. If you have a specific five-year plan or other goal your business is aiming for, don’t be shy to express it. Wall vinyls featuring images of where you and your team see yourself in the future can be a great visual and help you focus your minds daily.

If you have a strong social media presence and have made some posts that have been extremely successful when reaching out to your target audience, why not compile the best of the best in a creative design and post them around the necessary departments for inspiration?

Vinyls and wall graphics don’t simply have to be confined to the office domain, either. They can be used in any professional application; from warehouses that need visible warnings displayed to larger areas like hospitals that need to direct people to different departments.

They can also be used around the home, too. Why not spruce up your children’s bedroom or nursery with images of their favourite characters, or make photos featuring happy memories larger so they can be displayed around the home?

Find out more about wall vinyls and the amazing creative benefits they can bring by speaking to the Image Group today!


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