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Vehicle wrapping isn’t just a fashion statement – it’s great for advertising, too!

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There are some huge benefits that vehicle wrapping can provide a car. Not just from an aesthetic sense; wrapping a vehicle in customised vinyl graphics does an excellent job in weatherproofing a vehicle and can provide much better artistic results than a spray job, and can also be more cost-effective.

Vehicle wrapping has been a favourite of artists and designers in the public eye for a while. This time last year, in fact, 15-year-old social media star Emirati Rashed Belhasa’s yellow Ferrari F12berlinetta was wrapped in Luis Vuitton print by workshop FoilX, which went viral across the internet.

Fast forward to August 2018 and vehicle wrapping has fast become a popular celebrity trend. Kylie Jenner, for instance, got her G-Wagon wrapped in the same colour as her Lamborghini Aventador so as the pair matched through the summer season. Again, another benefit to wrapping is, if you change your mind, it can simply be peeled off without damaging the exterior of your car.

Over in Ohio, too, is the annual ‘Wrap Like A King’ challenge which runs until mid-September 2018, where people across the globe can submit wrap designs and projects to be in with a chance of winning cash prizes and the title ‘King of the Wrap World’. It’s fair to say that vehicle wrapping isn’t just a way to spruce up a car or van, but is well on the way to becoming a cultural phenomenon.

Car and van wrapping, though, is far more than a statement piece, and can provide some incredible commercial benefits for a business, too, especially in a local sense.

For instance, if you have a company van or a fleet of vehicles, they could be wrapped in your company’s branding to help spread the message of who you are and what you do far and wide. Beyond a visual sense too; with the right advertising strategy in place, a company can add calls to action such as phone numbers, websites and email addresses, too.

Information can be added, too, such as the core products and services you offer as well as accolades and testimonials; all without cluttering the initial design so it’s eye-catching and attractive to people on the road, on the street locally and further afield, too.

Want a change? No problem; it can be simply stripped off and replaced, making it a flexible advertising solution for you and your business. Find out more by speaking to the Image Group today!


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