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Vehicle wrapping doesn’t have to cost the earth

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Keep your eye on the papers and it would be easy to think that vehicle wrapping costs a lot of money and is exclusive to the rich and famous.

A quick search on Google, for instance, shows that Denise Van Outen recently had her Range Rover wrapped to give it a new look, while Kanye West has also had his Lamborghini SUV wrapped with a beautiful khaki print.

It stands to reason, then, that vehicle wrapping is beyond the reach of the average person, right? Not at all; in fact, with the right strategy and careful planning, wrapping a vehicle could save you money and actually make you money.

How so? Well, vehicle wrapping – whether a car or a van – isn’t as expensive than you may think, and can actually be more affordable than spray painting a car in some cases. Certainly long-term; if you spray your car or van, it could actually damage the exterior, wear off in poor weather, and the vehicle will need to be resprayed to change it again.

There aren’t such worries with a wrap, which is made from vinyl and therefore can look graphically superior to a standard spray job. It can display any and every message you wish in amazing graphical detail, and if you’d like to change the look of your car or van, you can simply peel it off and start again without damaging the bodywork.

But how can vehicle wrapping earn you money? Simple; businesses can create amazing looking car and van wraps with incredibly detailed marketing messages and calls to action on them to generate more local leads and interest from further afield whenever they’re on the road.

Instead of just making a car look nice, as Denise and Kanye have done to theirs, you can make your cars and vans work for you with intricate messaging and great branding, especially if you have a fleet that’s constantly on the road.

That can include special offers, product and service images, email addresses, phone numbers, portfolio items, physical addresses, coupon codes and much more besides depending on the message you wish to promote.

It will be designed in such a way that passers-by and people in their own cars simply can’t miss the message you wish to promote, helping your cars and vans to contribute to the marketing efforts of your company and generate new leads with affordable and creative vehicle wrapping.

Want to know more about the intricacies of wrapping your car or van? Get in touch with the Image Group today to find out more.


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