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Using Lamppost Banners

Some of the most eye-catching and noticeable methods of promotional activities on the high street and communities are banners. These banners have been specifically designed to fit onto the length of a street light or lamppost. Civic pride can be an inspiration for many communities and events such as neighbourhood anniversaries, historic occasions and local events can be advertised using this medium.

Utilising these lamppost banners can help enhance the appearance of communities and can be designed in such a way as to reflect the image of the event or community. Town planning can be directed towards the incorporation of these marketing tools, especially in historic towns and cities and can become integral to the overall look of a cityscape.

Ideal for branding city campaigns these banners can enhance promotions especially for external visitors such as tourists and sightseers. With a high visibility, these can be an immediate method of information-giving without the need for expensive wall displays or glossy brochure costs.

These banners are made from high quality materials which are weatherproof and which can help maintain the quality of the colour, the motifs and the large font printing design throughout the year no matter what the weather conditions.

Here at The Image Group, we have a selection of lamppost banners which can help promote a range of community initiatives and activities. Made with heavy duty PVC, we can ensure that these banners can be utilised for up to seven years helping our clients to save on their marketing budgets.

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