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Using Colour To Your Advantage

When you think about the colours you will use in your banners or exhibition display, you should think about how you can use them to your advantage. Different colours make people feel different ways, and create different ambiances.

For instance, if you are selling baby toys, a display with all black and white exhibition stands with the same main colours as a finishing touch.

Shades of blue can have a calming effect on people. You might choose blues if you are advertising something like a counselling centre or a teen pregnancy centre. Dealing with people who are stressed or scared often means calming them in any way you can. It is amazing how much effect colours can have on the mood.

Red and yellow are both attention-getters, so if you have something that should stand out over the rest of your display, these are good colours to use.

Whether you plan to use , or other advertising or promotional merchandise, these colour concepts can be incorporated into any display. Think carefully about the colours you use for your tablecloth, signs, partitions, and more. Little things make a big difference.

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