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Using Cardboard For Promotion

Cardboard is hardly the most inspiring of materials, but when it comes to thinking up ways of promoting your company it can actually come in extremely handy. Whilst it may not be as durable as PVC banners or as glossy as certain plastic solutions, cardboard offers different benefits, which should be given equal merit for their own unique purposes.

Being lightweight and cheap is one of its key benefits, and as such they are easy to pack and move, whilst being great to create things such as point of sale displays and freestanding figures. are low cost and high quality whilst also being easy to assemble, and they can often end up feeling more personal than certain jazzy stands.

Creating unique and interesting character displays with other materials would often end up being extremely costly, and with the right printing there will usually be very little difference in the outcome. Whilst banner stands and PVC banners are great at attracting attention, often end up being more memorable due to how easily customisable they are.

Cardboard displays are especially good for those who want something personal, or who want to continue to create great marketing possibilities at a lower cost, whilst still having a great impact.

At The Image Group, we have a wide range of cardboard marketing solutions that may be able to help give you the extra edge in your own competitive industry, and do so at a price that, like the product, is hard to ignore. We also provide fantastic as part of our vast range.

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