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Using A Roller Banner

In order to maximise any marketing or promotional event, an innovative approach to exhibition stands can really help any information stand out from the crowds.

Roller banners, for instance, can really enhance any small-scale marketing campaign and help ensure that any information is clear and precise. With a simplicity that is effective and straightforward, these can be used just about anywhere.

As the name implies, these banners are rolled up within a base system. With a single tug these sheet banners can be retracted and pulled up to full height and secured in place with a lightweight rod.

As highly portable marketing devices, these banners are ideal for transporting to events without the need of lifting equipment or the hire of larger vehicles. These items generally come with a holdall which enables these compact devices to be carried from place to place.

With good quality images, the roller banner can convey any message and added with superior images of the product or services in question, specific messages can be delivered to an audience with minimal fuss and worry. A single person with few resources can make an immediate visual impact with a single roller banner and it is an ideal apparatus for those organisations with limited marketing budgets and few resources.

Our range of roller banners here at The Image Group can be made to individual specifications and design work. We can ensure that these highly effective marketing tools can be delivered to any business or campaign within a maximum of forty eight hours.

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Roller Banners


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