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Turn an ugly site hoarding into an asset

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The raw face of construction is always untidy and unsightly. It is only natural. Builders and tradesmen are interested in getting the job done as quickly and as efficiently as possible, and that means have materials and equipment close at hand stacks of timber, cement mixers, bricks, and steel girders are rarely pretty. Construction equipment is rarely all that pleasant to look at either. Cranes and diggers are not chosen because they look good. Scaffolding is designed to be practical and safe, not easy on the eye.

A building site is not a great advertisement for the finished product, which will look completely different and be sparkling clean and tidy by the time the grand opening rolls around. That doesn't mean you can't use all that space to your advantage during the construction phase, though. Printed site hoardings and hide the work that goes on behind and also make use of a large, empty space that's often in a prime advertising location.

At a smaller scale, builders and construction companies can make use of as mobile advertising. They can be neatly tied to scaffolding and provide the contractor with a little extra value, much like the 'sold' signs real estate agents use to show they've done a particular job. Simple PVC banners can tell neighbours and passers-by who has been chosen to do a piece of work.

Large format printing ranges from the generously sized to the outright huge. If you have space on a building site, however large or small, why not make use of it?


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