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Trying Pop Up Displays and Exhibition Stands

Petrol prices have just hit a new high (… again!), 2010 Boxing Day shopper numbers fell by almost 23% on the previous year, unemployment is hovering malevolently around the two million mark, and the New Year VAT hike is still ringing tinnitus-like in our ears!

Bottom line money is tight, and people need a good reason to part with it!

In terms of the real world, the 2011 New Year sales period proved that many folks are choosing to do their shopping online in the current economy. According to research by IABUK (Online Advertising Bureau), social networking leads the way in online usage, but only by around two million users (a paltry sum in web terms) Websites offering products or services for cold, hard money are the chosen destinations of avid mouse-clickers across the UK, to the tune of around twenty-three million users! Our point is that in this type of climate marketing tools such as exhibition stands and are invaluable in terms of testing the market.

and other customised forms of advertising. They love all challenges big, small, conceptual, minimalist, niche market anything you've got!

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