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Trying big banners

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In the advertising world big is best. The more space you have the more chance there is that your message will be seen by the maximum number of people and the more opportunity you have to display something really impressive. There is nothing like the wow factor to sell a product, whatever that product may be.

It's important to remember that the results of really large format printing don't look the same in real life as they do on screen. What looks like a tiny and unimportant detail on your computer monitor could be a massive flaw in real life, but on the other hand, a well designed piece of that looks good on screen can look outstanding when its actually in place at full size. Our staff have the experience that's needed to make really big graphics look amazing.

Massive banners and printed site hoardings must also be strong. The bigger a piece of material is, the more weight it has and the more force on the points that hold it up. Big bits of canvas or PVC also catch far more wind than small bits, and that goes double if they are placed high up on scaffolding.

We can help you choose the right materials and the right shapes for the job, and work with you right from the conception and design phases til the point where the banner is hanging up and looking fantastic. No matter how big you want your graphics, we can handle the task and make sure you get the very best results.


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