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Tray signs will help get your business noticed this winter

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Though the nights are darker and winter is drawing in, tray signs are here to help your business beat the weather-inflicted blues.

If there was ever a season to prove why tray signs are such an incredible business investment then winter is it. Gloomy days and bad weather – the average business can get ignored by passing trade, especially if your signage is flat and doesn’t really catch the eye.

Tray signs, though, are available illuminated and can also be vinyl-coated to protect against the elements. Whether rain, snow or other miserable winter day, you can be sure that the right pan sign constructed as part of a wider creative vision will be highly visible and attractive to passers-by, both during the day and at night.

Pan signs are high-quality and, even if you don’t decide to opt for vinyl coatings or illuminated signs, they’re still able to catch the eye because of the ‘3D effect’ they can give to a store front. A sign, no matter how well designed it could be, still has work to do to convince people to enter a store.

That can be harder to achieve if it’s barely noticeable by being flat on the store front. An elevated pan sign carries a certain elegance and is hard to ignore; perfect for getting your brand and wider business message into the minds of people passing by the shop on the street, whether they’re walking by or driving past your premises.

As part of a wider creative strategy, too, tray signs can be integrated as part of your wider brand identity and overall message; again as a way of sticking in the mind of potential clients, customers, and people who are visiting the premises.

Tray and pan signs don’t just have to be part of the storefront, after all. With some creative imagination they can also be placed within a store or office, highlighting specific departments and areas in highly-visual ways.

If you’re looking to attract more passing trade this winter though, and with poor weather predicted to be on the way, upgrading the outside of your store with tray signs that say who you are in a beautiful way without coming across as flashy can be a great way to let people know who you are and what you’re all about, come rain or shine.

Find out more about how you can accentuate your business in unique, creative ways with tray and pan signs by speaking to the Image Group team today!


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