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Tray signs are a great way to refresh a brand image

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What are tray signs?

Tray signs look really classy. In short, they’re high-quality wall-mounted signs that stand out, and can give a sign a three-dimensional effect.

They can be used as a business sign above the door, or as smaller signs throughout the premises.

They can also be used as wayfinding signs outside larger businesses, acting as signposts for other departments or buildings, too.

With the right approach and working with an experienced agency, they can look really smart, and naturally turn the heads of passers-by.

Now may also be a great time to consider tray signs too, as part of a wider brand refresh. With the final stage of unlocking set to happen across the UK in mid-July, footfall is returning to the High Street and shops from many different industries are set to open their doors fully again.

For many, that may coincide with a brand refresh. Many have been refreshing in small stages throughout the last 18 months of the pandemic by moving online, altering their services and expanding into new areas to keep their customers.

Therefore, a lot of brands are essentially no longer the brands they were when they had to alter the way they operated over a year ago.

So many brands are going to keep offering the new services they provide, which is making many mull over how their brand is currently positioned, and whether it’s time to redesign their logo and other assets to update how their messaging.

We firmly believe that tray signs are a great complement to any brand with a physical store or presence that’s about to invest in a brand refresh, or just generally wants to add some more visual flair through the business to help catch customers’ eyes.

The signs can be constructed in any way you wish, with any design you feel necessary – whether you’d like an illuminated logo that can be seen at night and stands out when cars pass by, or quirky signage that directs people throughout the building, in line with your brand messaging.

The signs can also be weatherproofed as well, and will look great in the long-term as we head into the autumn, winter and beyond. If you want to make your brand look sharper and more appealing to the public, a stand-out sign could be the way to elevate your new brand.

Find out more about the amazing branding benefits of tray signs by speaking to the Image Group today!


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