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Top Tips To Help Stand Out Amongst Other Exhibition Stands

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Attending a trade show or trade fair is a great opportunity for you and your business. It gives you the chance to get some positive exposure amongst competitors, help your business to be taken more seriously in the industry, and help you gain new suppliers, contacts and customers.

But with the hundreds of other businesses exhibiting it would be easy to disappear amongst the other .

Here are some tips to make sure your exhibitor experience is a great one.

1. Keep on the good side of exhibition staff they will be deciding where you should go. If you have a choice in position then try to avoid areas where people will blindly walk through i.e. entrance and exits, or where they will congregate for things like refreshment.

2. Don't forget your manners exhibitions and trade shows can be gruelling. Long hours, lots of standing and lots of talking can wear you out but remember that every person you speak to has the potential to affect your business. Try to take frequent breaks, don't forget to eat and drink, and remember to smile!

3. Make the most of your exhibitor space and materials you will have paid for your exhibition stands, so why not work hard to maximise the space that you have? Good are essential, so make them both attractive and clear, and if you don't have a creative bone in your body, then get someone who has to help you. Exhibition display stands with leaflets that interested parties can take away are great, because after a while everyone will get tired, so something they can read later makes all the difference.


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