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Tips for Installing Exhibition Stands

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Should you be attending an exhibition, your success in reaching your target audience will hinge on the quality of your exhibition stands. However, regardless of the , their effect will be negligible if you can't erect it! It is therefore important that whoever is erecting your stand knows what they're doing, has made all the necessary preparations and has all of the appropriate qualifications. Luckily, by purchasing your exhibition stands through an experienced company such as the Image Group, you can be assured of only the highest level of service, and the correct instalment of your exhibition displays.

Firstly, The Image Group will make all the appropriate preparations prior to installation. This will involve a survey service, including working drawings, which will ensure that every eventually is catered for. This also includes meetings with store managers, site personnel and anyone involved, just to ensure that everybody is singing from the same hymn sheet. Basically, The Image Group will offer all the necessary legwork in order to make installation day run as smoothly as possible.

The Image group will also help with the actual installation of your exhibition displays, and are both experienced and thoroughly qualified in this area. Specifically, The Image Group have contractors that that are appropriately qualified in whatever service they are offering, e.g. IPAF and PASMA qualifications for working at heights and PAL card holders, for those who are required to operate platforms, for example.


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